b'Welcome2021/22 ANNUAL REPORTCO-CHAIRMESSAGEThe tradition of the Community Resources AnnualThis year, our staff have diverted 18,237 tonnes of Report is an important ritual of celebration. It islandfill, grown 55,000 kilograms of fair food, and rich in imagery, rich in story, and rich in its detaildelivered 44,210 instances of community service.of the intricate communities we work in and for.We are proud of this impressive achievement. And it celebrates the collective efforts of ourThe Boards priorities in 2021/22 have included visits to employees in making a difference to the world wemost of our 31 sites and our employees after a 2-year inhabit.pandemic hiatus. The new strategic plan speaks to five themes that recognise our past and builds an integrated Each of the four units of the Community Resources familyapproach to a sustainable future. We are implementing has shared their successes and challenges. a comprehensive governance roadmap following an We are proud of Community Services commitmentextensive review by Directors Australia.to their clients. We are proud of Resource Recovery Australias community-centred model of #Waste2Wages.2021/22 has been a strong financial year with a surplus We are proud of the hard work of Soft Landing to engageof $3.5 million and a strengthening balance sheet. some of the most marginalised members of our societyStrong financials to us means the ability to employ in their workforce, with a razor-sharp focus on financialand pay over $21 million in wages to people workingWe exist, after viability. We are proud of Green Connects standing in thetowards a healthier planet and Country. It is a testament Illawarra community as a hub for learning and growing.to the value and critical place our services occupy inall, to generate And we are proud of the central administrative team whosociety. Traditional custodians, partners, funding bodies, provide expertise and support across the organisationcustomers, clients and supporters are all central tomeaningful with diligence and care. continued improvements in our relevance and quality. Expanding and deepening our relationships is core to ouremployment that The Board is privileged to govern this unique and vitalstrategic direction and to our vision. social enterprise that connects our 684 employees torecognises all place and each other, from Worimi to Dharawal to WajukWe have been fortunate to welcome a new CEO this year. Country. Marc Higgins will bring a culturally strong and thoughtfulinter-relationships leadership to this next phase of our development. We exist, after all, to generate meaningful employmentLastly, we thank Anthony Rodwell-Ball (outgoing Co- in place.while working together on Country. Our employees come to us from all walks of life, from many places, and withChair) and Michelle Martin (outgoing Board member) for different experiences, hardships and achievements.their dedicated service to Community Resources and contribution to risk, governance, and finance foundations.KATRIINA HEIKKANEN & INDU BALACHANDRAN CO-CHAIRSIndu Balachandran andKatriina Heikkanen PAGE 6 P GE 7PAAGE 7'