b'A tale of2021/22 ANNUAL REPORTextraordinary growth PERTH VICTORIAIn the summer peak of 2021, Soft LandingsSoft Landing in Victoria was proud to announce the continuation of a major collaboration which will have operation in Western Australia bustedsignificant consequences for our operations for years to come. through to twice its former size, and by the summer of 2022 it was three times bigger.Nearly two million mattresses are discarded byDue to their size, bulk, and the difficulty in collecting and Australian households each year, and this translatesseparating them, mattresses are problematic items in This sort of growth has shown up across theto tonnes of recyclable steel, foam and timber goingthe waste collection stream. whole operation, from literally outgrowing itsstraight to landfill.In terms of logistics and operating efficiencies premises (twice) to increased positive outcomesConsequently, we were delighted to enter into a formalSoft Landing offers Cleanaway unique expertise. and diversification. It includes the growingprocurement agreement which has seen us become theSoft Landing was also able to fulfil Cleanaways number of employment opportunities and morebiggest social enterprise contractor for Cleanaway,social procurement targeting of ethical sourcing waste diverted from landfill.expanding our mattress collection service to residents inengagement and spend. We have delivered a greater range of solutionsVictoria and Western Australia.This key partnership is continuing to create more stable for our community and achieved a stability thatCleanway is a highly successful ASX100 companyand meaningful jobs for people who are experiencing contributes to the overall health of Communityproviding sustainable total waste management servicesbarriers to employment.Resources. for events, business needs, regulations and scenarios. Weve done this by diversifying away from solelyBut we are important to them too.Every day we see first-hand the positive impact that mattress recycling to building recycling streamshaving a job can have on a persons life, says Soft in white goods such as fridges, dishwashers andLanding General Manager, Chris Richards. air-conditioners, timber furniture, bed bases and pallets, e-Waste, and carpet underlay pulled up from building sites. ILLAWARRAThe carpet underlay was a waste stream that previously went 100% to landfill and nowTime has not stood still for Soft Landings close- For me its been great, says the mother of an active goes nearly 100% straight back to carpetknit team in Illawarra since it opened. Even though4-year-old. I started with Soft Landing because of the underlay manufacturers. It has quickly becomesite Manager Kiana-Darre Smithers has been withvalues it stood for.It was just a small social enterprise, fundamental to our national operations, beingCommunity Resources for 11 years and most of herbut I sort of fell in love with it and I wanted in. And the most accessible reuse stream for recoveredteam has been with Soft Landing for at least eight,now its a nationwide business. When you put the foam on the market. they have watched the rapid growth of Soft Landingnumbers together - how many mattresses we recycle change the landscape of recycling nationwide. nationwidewe have a huge impact. When I started at the Bellambi warehouse it wasThe Illawarra operation services 6 local councils the first Soft Landing site to open in Australia, Kianaand recycled 2,800 mattresses a month in the recalls.Starting out as a casual administrationFinancial Year 21/22.assistant in 2011 she was offered the Illawarra SiteI have just 4 staff, 2 trucks and a shipping container Manager position when the Bellambi Warehousebut Im really proud of how much we achieve closed 8 years later. together. PAGE 45'