b'GOAL 1: BE AN ORGANISATION THAT CAN SUSTAIN & GROW OUR IMPACT GOAL 2: CREATE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROUPS THAT NEED THEM MOST2021/22 ANNUAL REPORTOn coming tothe site when first Delivering on our FY19-22 Strategic Goalsemployed I noticedthe amount of good we can contribute overall to the environment viahow many mattressesare recycled. IAN MILLER SOFT LANDING ACTSu Meh, Senior Farm HandGrowing our impactCreating jobs Case Study: Green ConnectCase Study: Soft Landing ACTIn September 2021 Green Connect becameOver the last decade theyve built an impressive,Soft Landings operations in the ACT are slightlyWe are incredibly proud that most of our employees one of 15 international recipients, and theinnovative model that is now having an internationaldifferent to our other sites. Rather than a(right up to our management team) have overcome a impact, and on behalf of all Australians, I congratulate only Australian winner, of the Commonwealththem for the award and thank them for theirstand-alone commercial operation, we have anchallenging background. In the past, we employed many Secretary-Generals 2021 Innovation forinspirational work.extensive partnership with ACT NoWaste, and westaff via Work for the Dole schemes. However, when the Sustainable Development Awards.operate on a government-owned site.COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and the requirements Over the years the many people who have come toaround participation in these programs were halted, we These awards are the flagship for the UNs universal callthe farm have flourished in the supportive outdoorWe are the sole contractor to the Territory Governmentneeded another plan. for action to end poverty and protect the planet throughenvironment, including refugees who brought theirfor mattress recycling services. Together with being aIn terms of marginalised groups, people who have its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, whichfarming expertise with them and young people whocontractual partner, the Territory is our biggest customerserved custodial sentences and are re-joining the was adopted by UN Member States in 2015, along withhave been able to prove to themselves as well as the more than 70% of our volume comes from thecommunity invited the most urgent consideration. 17 goals and a 15-year plan to achieve them. community, how much they have to give.various transfer stations, national parks, and domestic The Award recognised Green Connects globalToday the farm produces fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs,pickups. We work extremely closely with ACT NoWasteThe benefits of providing stable employment to people leadership in sustainable development. By employinghoney and free-range meat for the local community. It isand the relationship has driven our focus on both thewho have been out of the workforce for a long time young people and former refugees to grow chemical- open for tours, workshops, corporate days and volunteerenvironmental and social aspects of our work. has a huge flow-on effect for the whole communityfree produce using organic and permaculture principles,opportunities and is currently upgrading its infrastructureWe are also a highly visible siteright on the side of thefor their families, friends and neighbourhoods.Our Green Connect transformed 11 acres of wasteland oneand amenities. Green Connects services have grown toMonaro Highway. Our operations are a familiar landmarkwork with ACT Corrections has allowed us to fill more hour south of Sydney into one of Australias leadinginclude op shops, gardening and landscaping, zero wastefor those on the Friday snow pilgrimage or heading backthan 15 roles in the past year. examples of urban agriculture. It also created one of theadvisory and support services, and staffing solutions toup the Hume to Sydney. We often have as many as 30We are now taking the program a step further by largest urban permaculture farms in the world. businesses and government projects.members of the public dropping off mattresses direct toworking with current detainees through a work release Built by the community for the community to create jobs,In the last 12 months, the Green Connect farmthe site in a day. Canberrans appear to be fascinated byprogram. This allows inmates to begin to prepare for reduce waste and grow fair food, it took eight years tohas grown and distributed 55,000kg of fair food,the moving piles of mattresses in our yard and we arelife after prison, through regular employment while licence the land, attract millions of dollars in fundingprovided 131 employment opportunities, and runoften approached by local media, politicians or curiousserving their sentence. Being able to leave prison with a and trade revenue, and create a space for local food,tours and workshops for more than 1,500 visitors. Itpassers-by with questions about our work.recent work history, a reference and some savings can community, jobs and inclusion.has provided meaningful employment and paid fairThe interest in the environmental benefits of mattresscompletely change someones trajectory. wages while increasing biodiversity and decreasingrecycling has been really encouraging for our site.As the volume of mattresses that we process keeps Green Connect is an outstanding initiative, said Thechemicals and pollution.growing year on year, we will continue to look for new Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency GeneralBut our other key objective is job creationmoreways to expand opportunities for those who need them the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), and co- Community Resources is proud of the blueprint whichspecifically, job creation for those who traditionallymost.patron of Community Resources, when he congratulatedGreen Connect has created for communities aroundstruggle with normal employment pathways. the team. Australia, and the world, and most honoured to have received the Sustainable Development Award. ANNUAL REPORT 2021/22PAGE 12 PAGE 13'