b'NEW SOUTH WALES Gundungurra (MOSS VALE) ACT COMMUNITY SERVICESHealing Country is2021/22 ANNUAL REPORTTraditional lands include Goulburn,HELPING HANDS TUNCURRYBiripi( TAREE) The Blue Mountains and theNgunawall( CANBERRA) HOMEBASE TUNCURRY, TAREE healing us. We areBiripi (also spelt Birrbay) shares aSouthern Highlands. Ngunnawal (also spelled Ngunawal)GLAMYHS TAREE, TUNCURRY Country and Countrydialect with the Worimi people. QUEENSLAND means we, the people, or us. WASTEAID REMOTE COMMUNITIES is us.We are all one.Worimi( TUNCURRY) VICTORIAThe Worimi people speak theDarumbal( ROCKHAMPTON) Woi wurrung( MELBOURNE) GREEN CONNECT WORIMI ELDER UNCLE STEVE BRERETONGathang language. Darumbal People are the TraditionalILLAWARRACustodians of the Rockhampton andThe Woi wurrung Nation consists of Awabakal( HUNTER) Capricorn Coast Area. the land of the Yarra drainage basin. Awaba was the word for LakeThe clans who dwelt along theRESOURCE RECOVERY AUSTRALIA Macquarie, meaning flat or plainGubbi Gubbi( NOOSA) river near the site of Melbourne are surface. Gubbi means no in the Gubbiknown as the Wurundjeri people. CANBERRA, DUNMORE, MIDCOAST, MOSS VALE, Gubbi language. WESTERN AUSTRALIA NOOSA, ROCKHAMPTON, SYDNEY, TOOWOOMBAEora( SYDNEY BASIN)Eora means here or from thisBarunggam( TOOWOOMBA) Wajuk( PERTH) SOFT LANDINGplace. The Gadigal are a clan of theThe Barunggam are the people ofAlso spelt Whadjuk, is the name Eora Nation. South East Queensland. of the Noongar dialectical groupCANBERRA, ILLAWARRA, MELBOURNE,inhabiting the WA region of Perth. NEWCASTLE, PERTH, SYDNEYDharawal( ILLAWARRA)The term Dharawal is used toWe acknowledge that some of these definitions may have different interpretations but describe a language, mob or plant. they reflect a genuine attempt to connect with Country.Working on country Darumbal ROCKHAMPTONRRANOOSARRATOOWOOMBARRA THE ABORIGINAL NATIONS WE WORK IN Barunggam GubbiGubbi REMOTE COMMUNITIES WASTEAIDNSW MIDCOASTCR HQ NORTH HELPING HANDS NEWCASTLESOFT LANDINGHOMEBASE Wajuk Biripi PERTHSOFT LANDING GLAMYHS, RRAWorimi SYDNEY Gundungurra Awabakal MOSS VALERRARRA, SOFT LANDINGNgunawal Eora ILLAWARRA Dharawal ACTRRA, SOFT LANDING CR HQ SOUTHWoi wurrung GREEN CONNECT WHAT IS COUNTRY? RRA, SOFT LANDINGCountry is the term used by Aboriginal & Torres StraitMELBOURNESOFT LANDINGIslander peoples to describe the lands, waterways and seas to which they are connected. The term contains complex ideas about law, place, custom, language, spiritual belief, cultural practice, material sustenance, family & identity. Where we workAIATSIS.GOV.AUPAGE 16 P GE 17PAAGE 17'