b'2021/22 ANNUAL REPORTRRA MOSS VALE RRA ACT Reviva Moss Vale operates on GundungurraThe Australian Capital Territory is Ngunnawal Country, part of the NSW Southern Highlands.Country. The region has a harsh climate with The region is filled with lush bushland,extreme cold and heat by Australian standards, agriculture and a brisk climate.making the Ngunnawal people resilient hunters and gatherers, working in harmony with the land. A Reviva reuse shop is filled with opportunities to reuse and upcycle. Its also a great place to developRRA ACT Weighbridge Operations Manager, Lori a career path. Reviva Moss Vale is a case in point.Roberts-Scott has spent much of her career in male-Steve Glendenning and Ashlei Krebs are twodominated industries. She has seen her share of of Revivas star witnesses for the success ofglass ceilings. 15 years ago, Lori made a big move, #Waste2Wages a Resource Recovery Australiafrom a high-level security role at Canberra Airport initiative that provides people who are experiencinginto the waste industry. At the time, she was the first barriers to employment with clear pathways whichfemale to be working onsite at Mugga Lane Resource build confidence and encourage aspirational butManagement Centre. achievable goals. The bathroom onsite was a portaloo, shared with 20 Steve had experience in retail when he startedblokes, Lori says.volunteering in the immense book section of RevivaLori has never been afraid to push barriers. She Moss Vale. One weekend in April 2016, the shop wasmoved through the ranks of Canberra Airport, short-staffed. Steve offered to help and shortly afterbecoming Security Manager for several years. She accepted a casual position with RRA.worked with diplomats and politicians as they entered Over the next three years Steve worked hard to getand exited the nations capital. Then an opportunity to his test and tag certification and forklift licence. do something a little bit different caught her attention. He also expanded his knowledge of unfamiliar Manager in early 2020. In June 2022, Steve wasLori moved to weighbridge operation and what reuse categories.promoted to NSW Manager and Ashlei becamestarted as a temporary assignment to whip the In October 2019, Steve was promoted to RevivaReviva Moss Vale Manager.weighbridges into shape became an opportunity for Moss Vale Manager, after proving a natural leader.Matt, Ally and Steve really believed in me,Lori and countless others to transform the operation. Always willing to go the extra mile for RRA teamsAshlei remembers, so I was excited to step up toWith the contract up for renewal, RRA tendered and around the country, he became a part of themanagement. They are not the sort of leadershipwon the opportunity to operate the weighbridges for consulting team. His upgrades to the counters atteam where the General Manager or State ManagerACT NoWaste.each of the Reviva reuse shops by reusing works makes decisions and tells you about them later, she of art made their mark.adds. They are always inclusive and ready to talk,The support from Matt and Ally and the culture of give advice and offer encouragement. RRA was immediately clear. Their dedication to their With Steves promotion, an opportunity opened uppeople was an eye-opener, Lori says.for Ashlei, a promising young Depot Hand, and sheReviva Moss Vale operates with the support of was promoted to Reviva Moss Vale AssistantWingecarribee Shire Council. Lori also embraced RRAs purpose to provide opportunities for people experiencing barriers to work. Over the last 10 years, she has led a diverse team, advocating, mentoring and developing more RRA CONSULTINGrecycling services, have proven highly successful inthan 40 people, most with barriers to employment. We had to look atWe had to look at things differently. People dont This year, the RRA consulting team hasdiverting waste from landfill and creating opportunities partnered with Talis Consultants on a studyfor communities.things differently.often realise that barriers make it difficult to stay employed. Some people may need a bit of extra for Campbelltown City Council which will beDeputy GM, Ally Glendenning, a retail and designPeople dont oftensupport to achieve their potential. But then they completed early in the new financial year. Itsexpert with over 30 years of experience, leads thethrive. a great example of how social enterprise andreuse shop consulting team. An ideas person, Ally isrealise that barriers always balancing practicality with customer experienceLoris leadership of the team has enabled the ACT private companies can work together to improveand aesthetic sensitivity. Shop designs, pricing andmake it difficult to stayweighbridge operations to be not just compliant, but outcomes for communities. processes all contribute to the success of RRAs tenemployed. Some peopleto meet strict safety and road compliance standards. Reviva Reuse Shops, with each one diverting impressive We expect to gain insights into illegal dumping acrossamounts of waste from landfill.may need a bit of extraOur weighbridge operators receive NMI certification, the Campbelltown region, says Project Lead Stevea development opportunity that may have been Glendenning. Our team will complete daily auditsAlly has a unique eye for the possibilities in second- support to achieve considered out of reach for many individuals with and Talis Consultants will collate the data into a reporthand items, says GM Matt Curtis. You can always tellbarriers to work.outlining actions to improve outcomes in the area.when Ally has been onsite. She transforms every spacetheir potential.The ACT Weighbridges operate under contract to RRAs consulting service operates across Australia,with her visual merchandising skills, styling colours andBut then they thrive. ACT NoWaste.from the East Kimberley region of Western Australiasizes together, showcasing the value of each piece. to NSW and Queensland. It is tailored to focus onIts the wealth of knowledge like this that allows RRAsLORI ROBERTS-SCOTT|RRA ACT#Waste2Wages, people and purpose. Our expertise inconsulting team to work so successfully with councils reuse shops, whole-of-site design, and additionaland other not-for-profits. By optimising our sites, we maximise waste diversion. PAGE 36 PAGE 37'