b'HUME How we Recycle 2021/22 ANNUAL REPORTEarly in the year, ABC Canberra approachedWe choose recycling methods with the least environmental usto do a breakfast radio interviewfootprint. This means we avoid recycling methods that reduce afterobserving the huge volumes of mattressescost at the expense of the environment and choosemethods that maximise the re-use of materials.that were moving through the site. The interview was a fantastic opportunity to reach out to the community.Almost immediately, a local parent who had been listening realised our policy of hiring people who face challenges gaining employment could be of benefit to her son. She contacted Employ for Ability, a local agency that focuses on assisting young people with autism spectrum disorders move into the workforce. Employ for Ability reached out to us. We arranged to take their team through our site and show them the kinds of work we do. This led to three new staff coming to trial with us within the next six months.One is still with us and has become our best steel press operator. Another agency that focuses on helping anyone living with a disability or mental health challenge to find the right job became our second new employmentIf the past year has partner for 2022. Weve just hired our first employee through The Personnel Group, and were workingshown us anything together to solve the transport difficulties that canits that collaborating create barriers.with partners who Prior to 2021, the main source of staff for SL Hume was Job ACTIVE and other Work for the Dolehave similar values providers. In fact, our site manager, Jason Heron, wasmakes it easier to hit initially a Work for the Dole participant himself. Its been incredible to have Employ for Ability and Theour own goals, first Personnel Group join us. Theyve offered excellentand foremost creating ongoing feedback for both Soft Landing and our staff.jobs that care for Weve been supported with staff training to make SL Hume a welcoming space for any new starter who haspeople and planet.spectrum related or other mental health challenges.KYLIE ROBERTS-FROSTAnd support workers have been provided for anyone doing a trial with us, helping them with PPE or anyACT STATE MANAGERsensory issues that may arise. At SL Hume we have always prided ourselves on our inclusive workplacebut having employment partners who are equally invested in supporting our work has ensured success for their candidates and benefited our site immeasurably. If the past year has shown us anything its that collaborating with partners who have similar values makes it easier to hit our own goals, first and foremost creating jobs that care for people and planet. Blaize JohnsonPAGE 42 PAGE 43'