b'THE MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATION AND DEVELOPMENT TEAMSafety & People &I am very2021/22 ANNUAL REPORTpassionate WellbeingCulture about this space.I understand that we dont knowOur business operations at CommunityNavigating the unfolding COVID landscape waswhat we dont Resources take place in a complex environmentundoubtedly one of our People and Culture teamsknow, and its across different industry sectors, with a diversemost significant and challenging focuses this year. workforce managing a range of hazards andabout having The top priority was helping our people throughout the compliance obligations. Yet safety culture isorganisation stay physically, mentally and emotionally well.an open mind baked into CRs DNA.We also had to maintain that resilience in our team whichto change and Our constitution demands that our CEO, Board ofhas grown to match the needs of a growing organisation. start putting Directors, Executive and Management actively Wed like to thank People and Culture Manager, Claudia attend sites to support and guide safety management.Cerroni, for her leadership since she created the Peopleour Aboriginal We believe it is the key to building healthy andand Culture unit back in 2019. After a year of Parentaland Torres Strait sustainable workplaces in the long term, and overLeave Claud returned in March 2022. She has since the past year weve made it a priority to encourageleft to explore another great opportunity in the SocialIslander people workplace conditions that reflect these values.Enterprise Sector. first.Effective safety leadership can only be achieved whenMeagan Jackson then stepped up to lead the team commitment and action work together. The example ofwhich now comprises seven staff members, includingNATALIE BOLTour managers and supervisors sets the benchmark forgeneralist partners and specialists in work healthCULTURAL LEADsafe behaviours. When combined with effective systemssafety and wellbeing.and processes, we have seen optimal results despite the many challenges of the past year.We also welcomed Natalie Bolt as Cultural Lead, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.We have also renewed our commitment to the psychological aspects of safe workplaces as well as theJust as weve seen the positive effects of this past years physical. We developed a new WHS Policy statementchallenges deepen and strengthen the connections executed by the Board and Executive to encourage thebetween our people across Community Resources, we reporting of hazards and occurrences. This in turn willbelieve the People and Culture team is in a great place enhance organisational learning. for the next phase of growth. Our teams have done their very best each day to identify, assess and control risk and care for others in the workplace. But its also important that staff areNATALIE BOLTinvolved in decision making and managing solutions.In the year ahead the Safety and Wellbeing team willNatalie Bolt is a proud Worimi Galpaan focus on five key areas: management commitmentwoman and has held various roles within and leadership; reporting and learning culture; workerCR in the 10 years she has been part of the involvement; just and fair culture; and risk awareness. team.We will continue to collaborate across the organisation,Community Resources originated as an sharing information, conducting surveillance, andAboriginal-led organisation, helping Aboriginal monitoring risks. We aim to understand and reviewpeople living on Worimi country find work. operating context, while welcoming innovation, andWe are now on the journey of returning to our encouraging new actions.roots, an inclusive journey that respects the We also believe that its just as important to takediverse cultures within the CR wider family.a breath and share moments of joy and laughter.Nats new role as Cultural Lead is crucial in Wellbeing is the wellspring of the fantastic work achieving our goals to engage and increase our employees accomplish, and the key to having our cultural footprint, to support Aboriginal a positive impact on the greater community.employment, retention, growth and staff leadership opportunities and to create a culturally safe welcoming space for Aboriginal people and staff. I am very passionate about this space.I understand that we dont know what we dont know, and its about having an open mind to change and start putting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people first. says Natalie. PAGE 46 P GE 47PAAGE 47'